Bob Jamaes Dudley II

Robert "Bob" J. Dudley II


Bob Dudley, a 25-year veteran of the Wausau Police Department, believes that police departments are the “eyes and ears” of local government. As a patrol officer, Bob experienced everything from high-speed chases to routine calls for service. “What better way to serve your community,” Bob asks, “than to protect it and make it a better place to live in?”

Bob received two Bachelor of Arts degrees from Marquette University, one degree was in Anthropology and, the second, in Law Enforcement. He was graduated in 1978.

In addition to the Dudley Foundation, Robert is a partner with Dudley Investments. He joined the board of directors of Riiser Energy in 1999 and served the board of the Salvation Army for 14 years.

An expert in building and painting plastic models, Bob also serves as vice president of Wausau’s “Glue Crew,” an International Plastic Modelers Society chapter. He is a former board president of the Dream Flight USA Foundation, which was started in 2003 by the award-winning Wausau teacher, Sharon Ryan. The mission of that foundation is to motivate children in grades four through seven want to learn and experience science, technology, engineering, and math.

Bob lives in Ringle, Wisconsin, with his wife of 32 years, Penny, and their dog, Oliver. The couple has two daughters, Courtney and Megan, and a granddaughter, Aaliyah.