Welcome to the Dudley Foundation

We are an ~$9.5 million dollar family foundation headquartered in Wausau, Wisconsin. Our mission is simple: We “aggressively seek and support community development activities and programs that enrich the lives of people residing in the City of Wausau, Marathon County and the State of Wisconsin.”

The Dudley Foundation was founded and funded by Richard David Dudley, a local entrepreneur and philanthropist. Today, the Dudley Foundation is managed by Richard’s daughter, Ann Dudley Shannon, and his youngest grandson, Andrew Dudley Shannon.

Although Richard Dudley, the man known, and remembered fondly, as “Mr. Wausau”, passed away on August 27th, 2013, his legacy lives on through his both his family and foundation.

Why Richard David Dudley Started the Foundation

"I have spent my entire life in Wausau, Wisconsin where I raised my family, built many successful business ventures, enjoyed good friendships, and volunteered my time, talents, and financial resources toward projects and concerns that have enhanced the community and improved the quality of life for its people."
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