Why Dick Dudley Started the Foundation

By: Richard D. Dudley, Founder

“I have spent my entire life in Wausau, Wisconsin where I raised my family, built many successful business ventures, enjoyed good friendships, and volunteered my time, talents, and financial resources toward projects and concerns that have enhanced the community and improved the quality of life for its people. I feel very passionate about a person's responsibility to give back to one’s own community, thus making it a better place for the current generation as well as future generations.

I established the Dudley Foundation to make the Wausau community a better place. Defining "better place" is the mission of the Board of Directors. I purposefully left the Dudley Foundation's charitable purpose broad, allowing the current board of directors, as well as future board of directors, the flexibility to define "better place.” I have great faith in the ability of people. I am confident that the leadership of the Foundation, at any given point in time, will be able to determine for themselves the most pressing needs and identify emerging opportunities and how best to address them.

Thus, it is my intent as the Founder of the Dudley Foundation that the funds be distributed for charitable purposes allowing for the community to become a "better place" in the following order of geographic priority: the city of Wausau, the county of Marathon, and, thirdly, the state of Wisconsin.

I further intend that my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and other community members who will participate in the Dudley Foundation will come to know and appreciate the value of philanthropy and gain a true sense of community. The Dudley Foundation should be a tool for providing this educational opportunity. Giving of one's time, talent and treasure should be a guiding philosophy in all of our lives. I ask that you reflect on your own philanthropy and periodically ask yourself whether you are being a good steward to the community you call home.”

Richard D. Dudley

Dick Dudley